Conference Call: Recall Elections

If the Madison Chapter’s recent event piqued your interest in recall elections, be sure to call in for the Free Speech & Election Law Practice Group’s conference call on recall elections tomorrow, July 26th.

In the wake of some extremely high-profile recall efforts, our panel of experts will discuss the intersection of campaign finance laws and recall elections.  Given the nature of recall elections, what should be the extent and form of governmental efforts to regulate fundraising and expenditures?  Do First Amendment speech rights differ in recall elections vis-à-vis conventional elections?  Is such regulation necessary to ensure equality of opportunity in political discussions in recall elections?



  • Prof. Elizabeth Garrett, University of Southern California
  • Ms. Lisa T. Hauser, Gammage & Burnham
  • Mr. William R. Maurer, Institute for Justice, Washington Chapter


Call begins at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. [Noon Central]


Registration details:

Teleforum calls are open to all dues paying members of the Federalist Society. To become a member, sign up here. As a member, you should receive email announcements of upcoming Teleforum calls which contain the conference call phone number. If you are not receiving those email announcements, please contact us at 202-822-8138.


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