Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights against Progressive Reform(?) Event Draws Attention

Check out the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s coverage of our upcoming event:

UW Law professor and blocked 7th Circuit nominee Victoria Nourse will debate government power in Madison next week with a fellow legal scholar from Virginia.

Nourse and David Bernstein are the featured speakers at “Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights against Progressive Reform(?),” presented by the Federalist Society, a conservative lawyers group.

Lochner refers to a landmark 1905 U.S. Supreme Court striking down a New York law that set maxium daily and weekly hours for bakers. It was meant to protect the health and safety of workers, but the court ruled it improperly interfered with the right to contract.

In what became known as the “Lochner era” that followed, the court struck down many regulations adopted as part of the progressive movement

Nourse and Bernstein will discuss the case and its legacy Monday at 11:30 at the Madison Club, 5 East Wilson St., in Madison. For $15 you get lunch, and possibly CLE credit.  If interested, RSVP by Thursday, to Andrew Cook: or (608) 219-4632.

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